Biggest Challenge

Hello All,

Many of us have started our year by now, a few of us have been up and running for a while, and I thought it might be good to help support each other.  Therefore, let's talk challenges:

What is the biggest challenge you are facing in your classroom?

Share out!  Perhaps, there are ideas that we can share to help support each other!



Our biggest issue that we've been having has been consistency in attendance. We're all adults and I make sure that my students know that I want them to be here as often as they can, but we don't require attendance for any programs because everyone has things going on. I'm wondering what has worked for other people in similar situations (if any of you are) that might shed some light on some strategies we could implement. Anything helped anyone get people there more often that isn't making attendance a requirement?



I struggle with this problem.

I'm at a rural off-campus site and provide instruction in all subjects. I assign each student lessons targeting his own specific needs and help students individually.  However, group lessons are sometimes frustrating for me. I have some students needing only math, some needing only language, and some working only on reading.  So I plan lessons based on the needs of the people who are most likely to be here and sometimes find the ones who actually show up need something different. As I once heard at a conference, "We have to be fluid because flexible is way too rigid."

I know my adult learners often have difficulty attending regularly.  It's probably the same everywhere: lack of childcare, lack of transportation, responsibility of caring for relatives, work schedule, etc.  I call students who miss class more than one day, and I send letters to those I'm unable to reach or who fail to return. Also, I suppose we all have those students who begin with a passion (yearly) and drop out by the time they complete TABE testing.

I'd love to hear from people who have success stories!