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Hello health literacy friends,

CommunicateHealth is happy to announce the launch of We ♥ Health Literacy, our new weekly email full of health literacy-related tips and tricks.

The topic of these posts will range from getting around tricky jargon terms to enhancing text with visuals and musings on plain language, design, usability, typography, and much more. Basically, if it’s related to health literacy, it’s fair game.

It’s easy to sign up — just enter your email at (And make sure to check your email for a confirmation notice. Sometimes it gets stuck in the pesky spam folder!)

Also, if you have any ideas for posts, we’d love to hear them! Send an email to


The CommunicateHealth Team


Thanks for the possibility to get this mails.

I wait eagerly for the first mails. I hope I can use some information and tipps for our project in Austria (they know less about this topic).