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Workforce Needs of Justice-Involved Individuals-July 17, 2019

 These slides were presented on July 17, 2019 for the Workforce Needs of Justice-Involved Individuals Webinar. 

This document provides instructors, program administrators, and policy makers interested in correctional education with an overview of the Federal initiatives and resources that support justice-involved individuals throughout the education and corrections systems. It highlights resources and lessons learned from four correctional education initiatives:

  1. Young Adult Diversion Program
  2. Juvenile Justice Reentry Education Program
  3. The Improved Reentry Education Project
  4. The Second Chance Pell Experimental Sites Initiative


Chrissie Klinger's picture

I was unable to attend the live webinar. Is there a recording that I could access?

Stephen Coleman's picture
One hundred

Hi Chrissie,

There is no recording of this webinar. However, you can retrieve the PPT from the original post or at