How do we move math instruction on...?

Hello everyone!

COVID-19 has disrupted our Adult Education courses.  As these next few days, week, and etc unfold and more and more schools are moved online.  What are some ways, resources, websites, methods, ideas, etc. that we can help students continue to learn topics in math?  Additionally, there is a discussion going on in the Integrating Technology Group about resources, too.  

As a community, let's try to support each other during this time of sickness.  

Brooke Istas


Hello all,

As practitioners are considering moving from face-to-face to online, I thought I would add my thoughts about how to move mathematics instruction online.  I have taught online mathematics for many years.  I would suggest for a new instructor who is moving online to consider using ZOOM is a great (free 40 minutes) real-time conference tool that I have used.  It has a feature that will allow you to share a WHITEBOARD, then using a touch screen monitor/screen, you can write on it; or, if you have a tablet pad you can write, too.  Without those, you can use a mouse but it is a bit more challenging.  You could choose to record these meetings and upload them to YouTube.  I would recommend creating a channel on YouTube to house these videos so other students can see them.

Another thing you can consider is the website: it is a whiteboard, too.  Then using a screen recorder, like Jing or Screen-Cast-O-Matic, you can upload those videos for students to access them, too.  

This is a very simple way to still reach students as many of us are having to transition.  A colleague of mine posted a list of Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School closings.  

What suggestions do the rest of you have?

Brooke Istas

Dear heroes of adult numeracy, ABE and HSE math instruction,

The CUNY Adult Literacy & HSE PD Team recently completed an 18-month project, writing math packets for independent study for distance learners.

The packets are free and available for download at

The packets explore the following topics:


Algebra & Functions

Statistics & Probability

yours in productive struggle, 





Hello, Mark!

I've been checking out your math packets, starting with the Tools of Algebra: Expressions, Equations, & Inequalities, and couldn't wait to tell you how excited I am about it!  Thanks ever so much for creating this project.  I love everything about it, particularly the historical aspect of algebra and how it makes sense with practical applications.  Pretty hard to argue against symbols instead of sentences for our operations!  I look forward to the day I can share it with students.



Good Morning All,

I am totally on board with providing my students access to online resources to help keep them moving forward during this difficult time in adult education. However, I know that some of my students do not have a computer and/or are not comfortable with online learning. I currently have a Google survey in place (through our Google Classroom) asking students to respond to questions about their accessibility to computers, cell phones, internet access, printers, and pdf editors. I'm also asking what times would work for students in terms of a short Zoom lesson.

I'm interested in finding out more about pdf editors. I currently use Adobe Acrobat and DocHub to edit pdfs for my own purposes and wondering if students could use something similar to work on a pdf-- like the packets that Mark mentions.  Does anyone know of any user friendly, easy-to-learn pdf editors that they would recommend?



I attended a Zoom CAMI meeting on Tuesday evening and Eric Appleton used a document camera in one of our breakout rooms. I was sufficiently impressed and decided I'd look it up online to see how much they cost, but I like the idea of trying out this makeshift document camera first.

I ran a Zoom meeting with my class this week and students loved it! They really liked being able to write on the whiteboard. I'm trying to find my way in this new landscape so I appreciate any tips that can help us to stay connected with our students as well as to make the online experience meaningful for our students. 



Thanks Brooke,

This tech dinosaur is being forced into the 21st century (20 years late )!

I can now use Google Hangouts and Zoom, and start a meeting myself...small potatoes for most, steak dinner for me!

TWO QUESTIONS for you/Lincs:community please:

1) Can you do this same Hack  method for Google Hangouts ?

2) Can I use my Ipad 3 in place of a smartphone for either GHO or Zoom?


Peter A