TABE Assessment process during COVID-19


I have participated in the sessions offered recently by DRC about remote testing during this pandemic.  In one of these sessions it was mentioned that some state adult education programs were TABE testing students in their cars.  At first this seemed bizarre but after some reflection, I can see it has real potential.  

West Virginia has been enrolling students virtually  for our distance learning courses only.  Those students have not been assessed. So it is important to get those students assessed as soon as possible. 

This week we were told that our classes can reopen.  I anticipate that some students will be reluctant to come back to class due to their health concerns.  I see "car" testing as a real answer to this problem.  Security measures would still need to be enforced.

If your state has implemented this sort of testing, please let me know your procedures and how it is working.

Thank you for your assistance!

Pam Young

Special Projects Coordinator

West Virginia Adult Education







Remote assessment is a complicated issue. We can now have an intake process, assessment, instruction, support services, and HSE credentialing that all occurs at a distance and while we will see a 'new normal' and a return to some form of traditional classroom instruction, the impact of these changes is long lasting. More than looking at how we can provide secure assessment remotely, I hope this is time that we look toward some form of sustainability toward these processes. It is important that these processes are connected and built upon each other. 

1. What does this mean for marketing and recruitment? Can we add online recruitment to our processes? Illinois has a hotline that will help connect students to AE programs.

2. What does intake / orientation look like at your programs? This is typically where we do more than connect student demographics, but where we introduce students to our career navigators, discuss student goals, and identfy any needed support services. How are programs conducting this process? 

3. Assessment guides instruction. Are other states requiring training of staff delivering virtual assessment? Then what? How does the student know what their next steps are? Does your intake staff member call them? Who provides technical support and an overviiew of the selected LMS? 

4. Instruction -post testing - credential attainment 

More than adapting to a world of virtual testing, I believe we are adapting to a world where, in some instances, we may never have face to face contact with our learners. So, I'd like to add to your question and ask programs / states / state trainers to share their processes so we can learn together. 

Kathy Tracey

Hi, Kathy,

Here in West Virginia we have a hotline number as well.   We have initiated virtual intake procedures and have been enrolling students since the shut down.  Instructors have been given training virtually on how to provide instruction in this new world.  Some of have embraced this while others are struggling due to limited internet access. Some teachers have utilized Facebook Live and Zoom meetings. Online courses that lead to a credential are also encouraged and that is continuing within our state.