"Show Me the Good Money" financial literacy app

Hello Financial Literacy colleagues,

I just read about this financial literacy app developed by a Goodwill group in Florida, and wonder if it would be useful for adult basic skills programs. Do you know about it? Have you tried it? Would you recommend it? The app, which is free, is available at the Google Play store by searching "Show Me the Good Money."

David J. Rosen



It's been some time since you posted this, but the app doesn't appear to be available anymore on either the Apple or Google stores. It seems like a promising idea, though. In the age of video explanations, I've found PBS's "Two Cents" YouTube series to be an excellent, approachable primer on most financial literacy concepts. I've had some success using it as a way to get folks to talk about deeper financial issues. It's certainly not more advanced wealth-building like the FIRE movement (financial independence and retirement-focused) popularized by Mr. Money Mustache or TicTocLife, but it's a great start.

Did you wind up finding a good replacement app?