Emerging Lessons for Inclusive Apprenticeship Programs Managing Through Crises and Beyond

Online webinar (Webex)

Building, scaling, and sustaining apprenticeship programs can be challenging under ordinary circumstances. During a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, apprenticeship programs can face extraordinary disruptions. In this webinar, the Office of Disability Employment Policy’s Apprenticeship Inclusion Models (AIM) experts in inclusive apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship will share insights for how inclusive apprenticeship programs are responding to the current crisis and planning for resilient programs.  The AIM initiative is specifically focused on expanding access to inclusive apprenticeships for people with disabilities to ensure equal participation by nurturing talent everywhere.

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Good question, Susan!  I read the announcement thinking it was not focused on companies specifically, but more generally employers and programs that work with inclusive apprenticeships.  I would be interested in hearing from members who attend the webinar and can provide additional context.  My goal in sharing this resource with adult educators working with apprenticeship programs was to help them learn more about how programs are responding to the job training and employment impacts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mike Cruse

Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Moderator