DOL Announcement on Disability and Employment Boot Camp

The U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employment and Training Administration announces the Disability and Employment Boot Camp: a team-based approach with intensive coaching support to address the emerging needs of American Job Center (AJC) partners to serve individuals with disabilities and strategies to promote individuals with disabilities to businesses.

The Disability and Employment Boot Camp is an opportunity for up to 8 teams comprised of 5-7 WIOA partners, community, or business representatives who have direct responsibility and capacity to influence,develop, and test workable solutions focused on economic recovery.Members should be those who are responsible or have oversight on improving service delivery to the disability population and/or bridging those connections with businesses. The goal is to strengthen the capacity of the AJC network to support individuals with disabilities to enter, stay in, or return to the labor force as the country manages a national transformation in the way we work and the availability of work. 

The world as we know it has changed dramatically with much still unknown. The Disability and Employment Boot Camp will provide opportunities for your team to research, explore, inquire, and create a workable solution for a challenge that is impacting how AJCs provide safe, accessible services to adults and youth with disabilities. Renewing and establishing new partnerships with employers and the business community will be necessary as they re-open or re-invent job opportunities.

Teams applying will select one of two disability and employment focus areas, effective strategies to support American Job Centers:

  • Providing services to individuals with disabilities; or
  • Engaging business to promote employment of individuals with disabilities.

For more information, please see the Disability and Employment Boot Camp Announcement and review the Application Questions.

To apply, click here: Disability and Employment Boot Camp Application.

Applications are due by Friday, September 11, 2020