How EdTech is Undermined in Adult Ed

If you've tried to get a technology-related project off the ground in adult ed, you've probably encountered resistance.  Sometimes it's a matter of awareness, training, brave acts of budgeting that require a lot of convincing.  But, more often than not, the culprits are intitutional barriers that are entrenched in the culture of adult education program administration, personnel supervision, facilities and tech infrastructure management...  We are too often strangled constrained by the red tape that establishes our local and statewide operating parameters.

I posted a blog at my Distance Education Skill Share site on this topic.  It's largely a list of the troubles I've encountered in both the public and private sectors while promoting online learning and tech integration. Many of the issues are just 'facts of life' that we must endure, but few are valid excuses, and all of the problems can be solved, or at least better understood.  

If you nominate a problem on the list (either mine or your own - and perhapse suggest a solution), I'll turn it into it's own blog entry, so we can go into it in more depth.  Collaboration is really going to be key here, but any contribution of a word or a sentence could make a difference to somone looking to their fellow practitioners for answers.

Jason Guard, MPA
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I know exactly what you mean. The bureaucratic structure is very slow to respond. I recently posted a few articles on creating a network of educational "providers" and also just now put up a list of foundations that would provide funding for good programs incorporating tech into their curricula. More than this I cannot say!

Paul Rogers