The Million Book Project


I invite you to review the information on The Million Book Project  The initiative by Mellon and Yale Law School’s Justice Collaboratory will distribute a curated 500-book collection to 1,000 medium and maximum security prisons, including at least one juvenile detention center, across every state in the United States over the next three and a half years. 

An additional goal of the project is to provide incarcerated individuals with the opportunity to engage through a national reading series across facilities with authors and scholars who serve as project ambassadors. 

This project offers a great deal of potential by connecting individuals with thought leaders through literature. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how this could work at a micro level in your facility or adult education program. 

Kathy Tracey



What a phenomenal undertaking! How I wish that I could be a part of this or at the very least, that our facility was one of the lucky institutions to receive such a gift!  Thank you for sharing.