Joins us on the LINCS: 18 Holes of Ideas for Adult Learners Behind & Beyond Our Prison Walls

Live Zoom Session

Summer is here and it's time to hit the LINCS. Beginning with a trip to the practice golf range with an introductory workshop on August 2, 2021 we will explore new and creative ways to teach adult learners in the correctional and reentry settings. Then it will be off to the LINCS, as we will take the next 18 days to share one, or more creative and innovative ways to teach adult learners and prepare them for life out side of prison. The holes (discussion posts) will continue as we add to our score card each day with new ideas being shared and recorded our scorecard. Best practices will be considered, as we have fun learning and sharing on this imaginary golf course.

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Our practice round of golf will be held on August 11th at 1:00 PM. Join us for some fun, engaging conversation, and some practice for our 18 holes of golf that will follow over the "course" of 18 days. We will talk corrections and reentry education and more... Thanks Jeff A

Hi. We welcome you to our round of golf. Please feel free to post or comment as you see fit. Thanks for joining us.


  • Turning Point I & II: life skills providing tools to find ways to correct criminal behavior
  • Anger Management: How to deal with life’s stresses and problems in an effective non-violent manner.
  • Parenting: Skills for improving family relations.
  • Domestic Violence: Focuses on relationships in the home, workplace and with friends.
  • Insight: prepares lifers for her/his Board of Parole Hearing (BPH) with focus on Attitude, previous transcripts, psych reports, who I was when I committed my crime/who I am now, the Crime, Transformation, Forgiveness/Remorse and key questions for reflection.
  • Gang Awareness & Recovery: Addresses the options available to those with the courage and determination to leave a gang lifestyle and move into the mainstream of society.

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We recognize and affirm  congregations and individuals who are already actively responding in ministries that address restorative justice.  to be part of administering  peace by providing healing and restoration to victims, offenders, families, and all communities impacted by criminal justice issues.