Supporting the New Afghan Refugee Population with English Language Services

Hello ELA Community, 

My name is Hali Massey, and I am the ESOL specialist at the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center. I support our adult education ESOL instructors in the state of VA with resources, technical assistance, and professional development opportunities. 

We have a large influx of Afghan resettlement happening in our state, and I wanted to reach out to this community to see if you all have any suggestions or resources for learning when it comes to working with this type of learner population. One barrier we are facing is access to the military bases where these learners currently are, so we are working with refugee resettlement organizations to try and provide them with information regarding how to get this population started with their English language learning journey. We have put together this resource to share with applicable partners, but I would love to hear more about what everyone is doing or what resources you all are using! I would also love feedback on this resource as well! 



Hello Hali, Thanks for your post. You've created an extensive list of online resources for addressing the needs of immigrants and refugees. Thank you for sharing this. It will be helpful to many practitioners.

In case you didn't see the recent thread on the topic of settling Afghan refugees, here's the link. Phil Anderson shared several valuable resources that are relevant specifically to immigrants from Afghanistan. (Thank you, Phil!)

One thing that will be interesting to observe is the level of education of the newly arriving Afghans. I've heard reports that many of these new immigrants have a solid educational foundation. Those who served as interpreters during the war will also have strong English skills. It seems likely the group will be diverse in terms of their needs. 

Members, you are invited to share your experiences working with this population of learners.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP