Truespel Study of top 5k US English Words and Top 100 Words Which Make up 50% of Text

Here is a file I made showing the top 5k words of English - plus a link to the top 100 words of English which make up over 50% of words on a page of text or in speech including slang forms in truespel phonetics


Hi Tom,

I did not respond to your post since I first thought that you were promoting a business which OCTAE does not permit us to do in LINCS. I do understand from our offline communication that Truespel is not a business but your attempt to create an "English-based phonetic system suitable for children and ESL's." 

Please tell us more about Truespel. What is the research base behind it? How exactly does it work? What successes and challenges have you seen? How can those in the reading and ESL community benefit from using it?

Many thanks,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Group 

Truespel phonetics was created back in 1986 to address the complexity of typing phonetics using special symbols.  The idea was to simplify based on commonest US English spelling of sounds.  It evolved on the internet through the Simplified Spelling Society which looks at more phonetic spellings of English.  Tutorials and the phonetic converter are available at Various users  have tried truespel.  The concept of phonetics first is tried and true for teaching reading to kids.  Korean has been respelled phonetically in truespel which can form the basis of international phonetic spelling.