The Whole Family Approach

Hello, everybody. I recently had a WhatsApp video chat lesson with a student who lives in India with her daughter and two grandsons.

Zohara has been studying with me remotely for a few months. 

I have been helping her with her pronunciation and she's improved a lot.


She is also watching BBC English classes, one of which is on what she called "cookery".


Her 6 year old grandson is also studying English in school, and she is reading one of his books which she showed to me. I asked her to read it out loud and she did quite well actually.

A few years ago I had classes in a room in a library where there were a few computers. The students were mostly women, usually with children whom they sometimes brought with them.

So I showed them some websites for kids to learn English, so some of the mothers could help their kids and also learn English too!

One of those mothers was a psychologist in Mexico. She just told me that she's going to apply for a job as a teacher's aide in the school system. Her English has improved quite a bit. She would be the perfect person to show other mothers how they could study English with their kids.


Basically the point of my article is to introduce the concept of what I call the "Whole Family Approach" to learning English and anything else for that matter.. online via WhatsApp or Zoom, or just with the plain old internet.


We often talk about bridging the digital divide, and I think that the above is the best way to do it.