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Happy New Year Community Members!

As we start back to school, I thought it might be beneficial if we share some resources for math activities.  I found one that use a bunch - it has graph, dotty, triangular, hexagonal, etc. paper for free: https://www.mathsphere.co.uk/resources/MathSphereFreeGraphPaper.htm 

I would be interested in hearing from people who have lessons they like using Desmos or other free resources.  Let's share out with each other.

Here is to revealing a wonderful mathematical world and helping learners to see it.



I use a table and only use the gridlines that make a number line.  The numbers under the lines are 2 cells merged together so that the number is centered on the line.  I use this for making my own documents and worksheets.

This resource was shared by The Adult Numeracy Network in one of their newsletters. The number line was featured in the article. Here's a link to what a number line might look like after students moved the values around:


I like this number line because it's interactive (if students are able to access it).

Hi all,

My favorite math teaching tool is Mathigon's Polypad (https://mathigon.org/polypad). It's hard to describe how many tools are in one place, and they keep adding new features. Here is a small sample of the tools: 

  • Polygons (rotate, duplicate, tile, etc.)
  • Numbers (number lines, number tiles, number frames, cuisenaire rods, prime factor circles, abacus!)
  • Fraction bars and circles
  • Algebra (algebra tiles, balance scale, coordinate plane, sliders)
  • Probability (dice, spinners, playing cards)

You can also create a class, use a teacher dashboard to see students' work, share Polypads that you create, etc. All free with a Google login.

Every time I look at the site I find a new something that I want to play with.