Graded Readers

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Do you use Graded Readers?

"A graded reader book is an "easy reading" book that supports the extensive reading approach to teaching English as a second or foreign language, and other languages."

There are many free graded readers online, or you could create your own.


Some of the online graded readers I've used are Newsela, Readworks, and ReadTheory. For multi-level classes, this is a great way to cater to your learners' needs.

Thanks for this discussion, Paul. I agree with your comment, Tara, that graded readers are "a great way to cater to ... learners' needs."

A wonderful source for graded readers that are relevant to adult English learners was developed by our colleagues in Canada. The ESL Literacy Readers focus on issues that are relevant to immigrants and refugees. These online books start out at the lowest level with a simple sentence on each page that features a grammatical pattern. The books range from level A to level G.  At level G, the text reflects "complex compound sentences and dialogue in simple, continuous, and perfect tenses."  Each book is illustrated with beautiful photographs and includes an audio component, too.

To address the needs of a multilevel group, several of the themes are repeated throughout the levels.

These books can be read and listened to online. They can also be printed to handout out in class.

Here's a link to the review in the LINCS Resource Collection about these useful graded readers.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition