Refurbished Computers for Adult Learners at Home or in Class

Hello Integrating Technology Colleagues,

The Online Learning, Technology Integration, and Digital Literacy in Adult Language and Literacy Education special issue of the Adult Literacy Education Journal has just been published, and it includes a Technology Solutions column on "Refurbished Computers for Adult Learners at Home or in Class

Please share a link to this free article with those who may be interested in refurbished computers. You and your colleagues may also find other articles of interest in this special technology issue of the journal.

David J. Rosen



Something for people to keep in the back of their minds:

Google is working on a Chrome Operating System that is intended to turn ageing computers into Chromebooks/boxes. ( It's not available yet, but if it works as intended, it would be possible to turn donated computers in good condition, but with operating systems no-longer supported by Microsoft or Apple, into something up-to-date that learners could use.

Hello David and everyone: students can purchase used or refurbished computers from secondhand stores and some websites. The price can range from $20 to  $100.

There are also auctions online where refurbished computers sell for as low as $10.

If it's possible,  I recommend that adult education centers purchase refurbished computers in bulk and sell them to the students at cost.

I visited a library once that loaned out  laptops just like a book.

If a student cannot afford an internet connection, a lot of lessons can be put on a thumb drive to be loaned or sold at a low cost. 

I think in this way we can definitely reduce the digital divide a great deal.