Civics and Citizenship Resources for Black History Month

It is important to incorporate diverse civics and history content in our ESL, ABE, and U.S. Citizenship courses.  Here are some resources for Black History month.  Do you have any further resources, activities, or strategies to share?  Add your resources in the comments and join us for A Civics Preview for 2024 on Wed, Feb 8, 3 pm ET to discuss how to incorporate more civic celebrations in to the adult education classroom.

Civics and Resources for Black History Month

updated 2024-02-07


Septima Clark was "The Mother of the Movement" and was also a "Mother of Adult Education."  She should be celebrated, taught about, and learned from! I would love to see formal lessons created on what she accomplished and her legacy - which was huge! Learn more about Septima Clark at

Thanks to Cynthia Eagleton for celebrating this important foremother!