Welcome and Please Introduce Yourself!



Welcome to the Financial Literacy group in the LINCS Community! 

Use this space to meet your colleagues and discuss, learn, and share with each other. Please post an introduction about yourself in response to this thread and let everyone know what you would like to gain from your experience in our group.  Also, feel free to post any questions or discussion topics you'd like to engage in exploring with your colleagues.  Remember to check out the redesigned LINCS website resources at http://lincs.ed.gov

Looking forward to the discussions...

Michelle Carson


Hi all!

My name is Daniele. I have recently begun work as an Adult Ed teacher for ELLs at a non-profit. Part of my task is to design a Financial Literacy curriculum for our clients at all levels of English Proficiency and Educational Experience. 

From this group, I am looking for information, tips, resources and expertise that I can use in order to build the curriculum.

My previous teaching experience is mostly with young (5-7 y/o) ELLs in Korea and American high schoolers learning Latin. Both Adult Ed and Financial Literacy are new feathers in my teacher's hat.

I look forward to getting to know everyone!