Student Retention and Success

Good afternoon all,

I came across an interesting post ( in the Community College Daily which provides an excerpt from a recent article, Strategies to Improve Student Retention, Success.  The post describes an initiative of St. Petersburg College's, the College Experience: Student Success.  As part of the initiative, several strategies to improve student retention and success were identified.  These strategies include:

  • Expanded out-of-class support
  • Integrated career and academic advising
  • Improved new student orientation
  • Enhanced the My Learning Plan tool

Follow the link to the post shown above to learn about specific actions and activities that were implemented for each of these strategies.  The post also describes outcomes and improvements that resulted in implementing these strategies.  Which of the above strategies have you tried in your adult education programs as part of your student retention/success strategy?  What other activities and strategies have you used to improve student retention in your programs?

Gail Cope, SME, LINCS Program Management Group




Thanks for sharing this, Gail. 

I really like the My Learning Planner tool and especially how there are easy to follow FAQs that talk about the path to college completion, how to maintain the financial aid, and the focus on organizing your classes to save money, time, and resources.

~ Priyanka Sharma