Reviews of Science Videos

Science teaching colleagues,

You may already know that several of your colleagues here, following their own science  teaching interests, but also volunteering their time on your behalf, have produced a fairly extensive list of science teaching videos suitable for ABE and/or ASE science learners.  It's organized by: 1) twenty-two science video collection sites, and 2) by science topic: Animals, Astronomy, Botony (Plants), Chemistry, Earth Science, Human body, health and disease, Microscopic view of the world, Nature, Nutrition, Physics, Science history, and Zoology.

You will find the list at

Your colleagues have also been volunteering their time to review some of the videos. You will find their reviews in a 20-page document at

Susan Cowles, the moderator of this Community of Practice, your science teaching colleagues here, and I hope you will take a look at the list of videos and at the video reviews. We are eager to hear your comments and suggestions on both the list of videos and the reviews of some of the videos. We are also eager to hear how you might use any of these videos with your students.

Perhaps you are thinking, "They don't really care what I think." or "I'll get to this later." or perhaps you aren't interested in using science videos with your students. Your silence suggests to me that you may not be interested, so I will keep a list of those who post their comments on these documents here, and I will contact them through LINCS email when we make improvements to the science videos list, or add new video reviews; however, I may not post information about these documents here in the future if I continue to see a lack of interest.

If you would like to review videos, to be part of the group that produced these documents, please email me.

David J. Rosen




I'm very interested in seeing the list of science videos and reviews.  As I have been working with math teachers in the Adult Numeracy Instruction (ANI) project, many of them are also science teachers (and are also using applications of math within the sciences).  But, due to limited resources($$)- cannot often afford to use as many hands-on activities as they would like.  Seems like these videos might be a good opportunity to enhance our science lessons.  Would love to hear examples of how teachers are already using them!


Thank you David and Susan for composing this definitely usable list of reviews of science videos.  I appreciated the detail of the reviews and I was happy to be a part of the team.


Greetings!  Classes should be back in session for those of you who are instructors in adult education.  Have you had a chance to take a look at some of these videos?  We'd love to get more feedback on the ways in which they are being used by instructors and learners.

Cheers, Susan