Untapping Chapter 1

The idea of untapping students and teachers as rich resources spoke to me. I think the key lies in constructing that safe community for the learners to grow and share.I can see so much change in a reader when they feel part of the process and openly share their knowledge with others in the class. Collaborative work changes the dynamics of the class.

I also thought about how well I do (or don't) share my own knowledge and strategies. Something to work on.


Hi Meg, I agree with you that creating a safe space is one of our most important jobs as teachers. What are some ways you have succeeded in doing that?

Cheers, Susan

Moderator, Assessment CoP


Hi Jen and all, I just read Norene's post about a amazing conversation between two students that took place in her classroom recently. These conversations usually don't just happen. It's about creating that safe space or, in other words, a sense of community. I, too, would love to hear how teachers are nurturing the kind of space needed for students to take the risks they need to take to push their learning forward.

Cheers, Susan

Moderator, Assessment CoP


You asked me to think about what I have done that helps me succeed in creating a safe space.  That got me thinking. Hmm... I think some it comes very intuitively because I find people so very interesting, but now I am trying to look at strategies I use. My rattled around in my brain and it came down to this-I build them up by giving them space, time, my attention and most of all my respect.  I suppose I expect them to give that to each other as well. It's an unspoken expectation, and maybe it should be spoken.I came across a quote from pg. 63, "I have a million things going on inside my head, but no one ever asked me about them before."   There it was. As soon as I ask them about what goes on in their heads, they open up and become part of the class. The book is giving me more ideas for structuring my approach to all this.

Thanks, Meg. I would say that, above everything else, respect is the most important foundation in our work.