What technology devices do your students have access to?

We are very limited to technology devices in our county correctional facility. We do have computers and printers and CDs which are fairly useful, but without Internet, there's not much we can do.The program we use a lot is Britannica Multimedia Encyclopedia. It has readings, still photos and videos. There are Math CDs, Typing Practice, and another program which covers all the computer skills you need for the GED 14.


What are some of the everyday tasks your students are using these technology devices to accomplish?

The students use the computer for the class in Everyday Edits locating errors on a paper and using the laptop to correct them and display them on our ENO board. They also use the Print shop program to make writing paper, cards, calendars, etc. which gives them more skills to master the computer.

It's frustrating and I'd appreciate any ideas and programs for a class with no Internet. I remember some comments a while back, but have lost them.


Hello -- there are great questions in your post, even as I'm sorry for your frustration at the lack of available tech options for secure classrooms. We had a wonderful discussion in the Correction Education Group a couple of months ago that addresses some of the issues you raise.  You can see that discussion here:

Many advances have been -- and are being -- made regarding technology in the form of tablets and software that meet facility security standards. Thankfully advances are also being made in the thought processes of decision makers in acknowledging that students in correctional facilities must have access to technology, and increasingly, access to some kind of web-based (if not altogether online) learning resources and opportunities. The upcoming CEA Leadership Forum is set to focus on the increasing access to diverse web-based resources in corrections classrooms. We're also making efforts to bring remote sessions from that conference to individuals and agencies who are not able to attend. A link to more info regarding the Forum is here: I will make additional information regarding remote presentations available in the Correctional Ed Group as well as here as things unfold.

-- Heather Erwin, Correctional Education Group, SME 





I echo Heather's sentiments on the frustrations at the lack of available tech options for secure classrooms.

Have you tried using PowerPoint with your students?  You mention that you use a lot is Britannica Multimedia Encyclopedia. Students could take information they gather from the encyclopedia and then develop PowerPoint presentations to share a report on their research. PowerPoint allows the user to include images, animations, and add sound files so as students become more advanced with their skills they can develop multimedia presentations.  Among the skills students will practice are reading on a screen, critical thinking, developing outlines for their content, using the mouse and keyboard, copying and pasting.  PowerPoint skills are not only useful for online testing, but if students continue into post-secondary education (and many jobs) they will most likely be asked to create PowerPoint presentations.

Here are some tips on using PowerPoint with students:

Has anyone else tried using PowerPoint with students?


Nell Eckersley, SME, Technology and Learning Group