Action Plan and Reflection


    I was very excited to learn more about the content of this study circle.  I find it most easy to incorporate modeling the writing process with my students.  I’ve taken away the method of writing with my student when writing on a topic or practicing a new writing skill.  This exchange between me and my students helps will help them to understand how to clearly apply new writing skills and see a diversity of writing options.

    I was most impacted by what was shared about setting specific product goals for writing. I plan to teach specific writing skills that students will be able to self and peer edit their writing.  I plan to implement this skill toward helping students to becoming self-regulated learners.  The support I will need is access to curriculum with clear definitions and research based information.

   What I plan to do differently is to evaluate the lesson presented at the end of the day for how well the specific skill I was teaching was conveyed and if students demonstrated what was taught at the end of the lesson.  I will have students do an exit activity to demonstrate learning.




   I found it easy to write an action plan about working more closely with students.  This is the part of the job I love the most.   I am also fully committed to helping students become self-regulated learners.    

The most difficult part of writing my action plan was deciding how to hold my teaching accountable.    

   The challenges I have in implementing my action plan are to make lessons congruent from start to finish and for students to demonstrate use of a learned skill more there once in different subjects.  My center offers great resources using real life reading material like “The Change Agent” and “News for You”.  I have been able to use these resources with success.


Monica, This is a very thoughtful action plan. I can tell that the main goal you have set for yourself is to help your students succeed. I agree that it can be challenging to find ways to have students demonstrate their new skills in a variety of contexts. So much to do and so little time! I'm happy to see that you have some very good authentic texts to use with your students. Another one you might like to investigate is  They have news articles about current events and you can get each article at different reading levels. Yes, it's free :)

I enjoy reading comment, suggestions and most of all the rich reflections from the professionals in this study group. I have a new group of students in my classroom. It is a delicate process when you have students that just arrived in the Unites States within one year. It is so important to start with introductions within the class. I introduce myself and give my background and education briefly in Spanish, but I think the most important part is to have students introduce themselves and tell us all about their native country, when they came here,  their family and why they are in English class. I am always toughed and inspired by these brave individuals.   I talk more slowly at first and show the students a finger signal for questions or confusion during the lesson. I have implemented an Exit ticket in the past for students to write what they learned, but after our circle discussion I have added space for students to ask questions or any confusion about the lesson. After introductions, I have lessons that immediately relate to students. For example, I have many conversation dialogue scripts for calling a Doctor's office, going to Doctor's office,  going shopping, the library and town stores. This helps students navigate their surroundings.                                                                                                                                                                  





Carol, It sounds like you are very sensitive to your new students' needs and comfort levels. I think using an exit ticket is a great way to not only get feedback about what students have learned but also to give them practice writing in a purposeful, non threatening way.


I'm glad that this study circle has given you some good ideas.