A challenge with end-of-the-year assessments

Hello Colleagues, As summer approaches, many of us are administering end-of-the-year assessments. In my class, students take TABE Reading. One of the challenges we are experiencing is that students come to class after working all night -- which illustrates their strong motivation to learn; however, when students are exhausted, this is not an ideal time for testing.

To deal with this issue, we've offered to make an appointment for the test at a time that is more suitable, i.e., when students are not overly fatigued. It seems that being flexible in this way can make an important difference to the students.

Has anyone else dealt with a similar challenge? How have you dealt with this issue?

Cheers, Susan

Moderator, Assessment CoP



You mentioned that your students take the TABE Reading as a part of the summative assessment. What type of students do you have (e.g., ESL, Basic Skills, Academic), and is that the only standard assessment given at the end of the term?

Hi Justin, The students in my class are advanced English learners from Ethiopia, Haiti, Cuba and Ecuador. Classes in my program just finished this week until the summer session begins after the July 4 holiday.

Cheers, Susan

Moderator, Assessment