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“Robot Tech” is revolutionizing the lives of people with disabilities

Hi group members,

Henry Evans, a self-described "mute quadriplegic" delivered a Ted Talk last October in an unorthodox manner.  Evans discusses the challenges he has overcome since his life-changing stroke.  His speech highlights how his work with the organization Robots for Humanity is allowing him to revolutionize what he calls “robot tech” and how it applies for people with disabilities.  

You can access the video at

Watching this video brought the topic of technology to assist people with disabilities into focus for me. Do any members of either the Technology or Disabilities COPs work with programs for students with disabilities that have significant technology components?

Please copy your responses to both the Disabilities in Adult Education and Technology and Learning COPs so we can share across communities.

Thanks, in advance, for posting your thoughts.

Rochelle Kenyon, SME