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ABE and ASE/GED Math Videos list

Numeracy, Technology and Professional Development colleagues,

Have you used the (free) ABE and ASE/GED Math Videos list for integrating short online videos in your math teaching? If so, how are you using these (or other} instructional videos?

  • Do you supplement classroom teaching with instructional videos that you show in the classroom?
  • Do you supplement classroom teaching with online homework video assignments?
  • Do you use instructional videos in an online distance learning or blended math course?
  • Do you use them for your own professional development? If so, how?
  • Do you have a "flipped classroom" in which students watch the instructional videos first at home and then, if they need more help, work with you, a tutor or aide, or peers in class?
  • Do you use instructional videos in other ways?

Please feel free to forward the message below to colleagues or other discussion lists. If you forward it to other discussion lists or put it in a newsletter, please let me know.


David J. Rosen's Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency/GED Math Videos list is available free as a dropbox document at

(You may need to register for dropbox, free, to access it.)

The 21-page document introduces how to use numeracy and math videos, and then lists videos from ten numeracy and math web sites for hundreds of short free online instructional videos. The videos are listed by topic so that a teacher can easily look at the videos available for the topic(s) s/he plans to teach. The videos can be integrated into classroom or online learning. David welcomes your comments on and suggestions for the list -- especially about how you are using it.


David J. Rosen