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Accommodations for Learners with Disabilities

Hello everyone,

I am a Learning and Development Facilitator who delivers training workshops within a financial institution. I have an upcoming workshop which will have 2 learners who are visually impaired.  What are some of the differentiated strategies that we can use for adult learners with disabilities?






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Hi Su, 

I encourage you to review a few resources on Universal Design. Here are a couple in our LINCS Resources. and They both provide a great resource with ideas and strategies. 



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Thanks!    I really like this, especially that they include the cognitive piece in accessibility and have options for simplifying language.   I wax hopeful about having a button for "I just don't get this!"   on any page that would link to something breaking it down a little further or a concrete connection.   

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Hi, Su -

Thanks for reaching out for resources to help your learners.  I suggest taking a look at this site, for some ideas.  Please keep us posted on other resources you find, and how the workshop goes with these two learners.


Mike Cruse  

Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Moderator