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Adult basic skills (including ESOL/ESL) challenges and technology solutions for them

Hello Integrating Technology colleagues,

As you may know, I write a column for ProLiteracy's new Adult Literacy Education research journal called Technology Solutions for Adult Basic Skills Challenges. In the first issue of Volume 1 of the journal the column is about The CrowdED Learning Solution.

Here's the introduction to that article:

The focus of the Technology Solutions for Adult Basic Skills Challenges column is common challenges of adult basic skills practitioners, expressed, for example, in the LINCS Integrating Technology group for which I am the moderator, in other LINCS groups, in my national and state conference or webinar presentations, or privately in face-to-face discussions or by phone or email. Solutions include: hardware such as desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, electronic tablets, VR Goggles, and electronic whiteboards; and digital software applications such as websites, course management systems, learning management systems, databases, and apps for mobile devices. Each article will begin with a challenge and will examine one or more possible technology solutions.

I want to hear from adult basic skills teachers, program administrators, and technology coordinators. What, for you, are challenges for which you wish there were -- or hope there are -- technology solutions? These might be solutions that technology could address entirely, or for which technology might offer part of a solution.

Please reply to this post, or email me privately, a description of the problem or challenge for which you would most like to find a technology solution, or possibly a technology solution to a problem you used to have, a solution that has been a great help to you. This is a way that colleagues might be able to share solutions here in Integrating Technology but could also be a topic for a future Technology Solutions for Adult Basic Skills Challenges column.  Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions!

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group