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Adult Education and People with Disabilities

Hello group members,

I was reading something on the OVAE (now renamed OCTAE) website and re-found a page that I have accessed before.

If you go to: >   you will find the page, Adult Education and People with Disabilities.  Included on that page are the sections: Research and Evaluation,  Noteworthy Practices, and Additional Links.  There are some good resources within these sections that you might find very useful.

Check it out~

Rochelle Kenyon, SME



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Thanks for reminding me of this great website.  I want to tag along on your recommendation - I've used several of the linked sites when needing research data and have shared some of the resource links with colleagues and administration that have spurred conversations, sometimes leading to positive program change.  It also provides useful resources when writing grants.

Thanks again,


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Good afternoon everyone-

I would like to ask if others have access to what accommodations are and are not allowed on the 2014 GED.  Specifically for adult students who are eligible for Special Education services as outlined in their IEP and recommendations from specific eligibility reports.  Also, I work in a correctional setting.


Ted Oparnico

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Hi Ted,

I have mentioned previously that this topic of "GED Accommodations for Students with Disabilities" is of interest to me and to many of us within this group.   Rather than have this important topic get lost inside this unrelated discussion strand, please begin a new discussion strand with your subject line,  and with this same message.   If you are not aware of how to start a new discussion thread, click on the "Help" link and ask for assistance.

I know that we have many GED experts who will happily jump into the discussion.  Joan from Florida is one that has already provided some useful GED 2014 information.


Rochelle Kenyon, SME


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I wanted to say thanks for the reminder as well. If anyone is interested, the Florida Department of Education has great frameworks for adults with disabilities in adult Ed as well as career ed. PS some good jobs under the Jobs section too! I may work my way up to the arduous task of applying.

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for posting the message about the great resources available from our state of Florida. Will you post the URLs and the specific resources that are available, please?  Pamela Shrestha from the Florida Dept. of Education may jump into the conversation and help too.  I think the curriculum frameworks will be very helpful to group members.

Rochelle Kenyon, SME



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Adults with Disabilities Community,

As a follow-up to Rochelle and Robin's comments, the following FLDOE resources available through Adult Education that provide a lot of information are:

Curriculum Frameworks:


Technical Assistance Papers




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Rochelle asked that I post this information as a resource.  Regarding accommodations on the 2014 GED, the best resource is the Office GED Site at the Florida Department of Education. Click onto https: //ged.fldoe

Scroll down to a live link under "Other Important Resources."  There you will see a live link entitled, "Accommodations for Test-takers with Disabilities."


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Hi Pam,

You did exactly what I was hoping for by including information on the GED 2014 Accommodations, the Curriculum Frameworks, and the Disability Technical Assistance Papers.

I am going to cross-post your comment about the GED 2014 Accommodations under the new discussion thread that Ted started this week.

Thanks for your continuing participation.

Rochelle Kenyon, SME

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Hi all,

Thanks Pam! I am adding the link for the specific page with the AWD frameworks. They are actually called "additional frameworks" on the main page. For most of us that is not specific enough to find our way to the AWD specific listings.