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Adult Student Motivation - Goal Setting

Good morning,

The second LINCS webinar of the series, Adult Student Motivation - Goal Setting, was recently offered to adult educators in LINCS Region 2.  After the webinar, participants posed these questions and issues:

  • I appreciate knowing the terms, but I don't think my ESL students could understand all of the concepts. How can teachers implement these topics without overwhelming low-level learners?
  • It's difficult to walk that fine line between fostering realistic goals and remaining supportive with students who might not succeed with the GED.  Thoughts?
  • Without self-efficacy, can a student set a mastery goal? How can we assist?
  • I absolutely believe helping students set and reach goals will increase their motivation and persistence. It makes good sense. Success breeds success. How specific should the goals be?
  • Any ideas on motivating capable students whose only goal is to attend class so they don't violate their probation?

How are goal setting activities used in your programs and classrooms?  What ideas do you have about these participants' questions?

Gail Cope, SME - LINCS Program Management