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Announcement: Publishes ''Make Beliefs to Spark Your Writing'' for English Language Learners Publishes ‘’Make Beliefs to Spark Your Writing,’’

Free E-Book for English Language Learning and Literacy Programs has launched its latest, free interactive digital book to encourage writing – ‘’Make Beliefs to Spark Your Writing.’’  It can be downloaded directly from the web site at:

The intent of  ‘’Make Beliefs to Spark your Writing’’ is to offer students and teachers writing ideas that encourage them to creatively express all the wonderful, amazing ideas within.   It is useful for English Language Learners.

Some writing prompts:

.Make believe someone discovered a note you had placed in a bottle that washed up on the beach.  What would it say? 

.Imagine that today you’re going to do one heroic deed.  What will that be? 

.Make believe you could make up the most beautiful word in the world.  What would it be?

The book is formatted as an interactive digital journal, and allows students to write directly on their computer screen into the areas with lines on each of the book’s pages. After writing, they can save the document until the next time they are inspired to make new entries.

The author is Bill Zimmerman, creator of , the free comic strip generator used by educators in more than 200 countries to teach English and literacy. was selected by UNESCO and Google as one of the world’s most innovative web sites to encourage reading and literacy.  The American Library Association named it a Great Web Site for Kids.

 ‘’Make Beliefs to Spark Your Writing’’ is part of a series of free interactive e-books being published by to encourage writing. These include ‘’Laptop Letters: Sending Messages of Love & Encouragement to Young People in your Life’’ and ‘’Hummingbird Joy: A Book of all the Things That Make You Happy.’’