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Beyond Financial Aid: How does your PS institution close the gap?

Dear Colleagues:

Beyond Financial Aid is a toolkit created by Lumina Foundation that is designed to help two- and four-year institutions close attainment gaps for low-income students.  BFA expands the concept of “financial supports” for college beyond grants, scholarships and loans and describes six college-tested strategies for helping low-income students overcome the significant challenges created by limited resources.  BFA features a self-assessment that college teams can use to analyze their services and a guide to help map out next steps toward strengthening their capacity to serve low-income students.

BFA Self-assessment

The six BFR strategies to increase financial support for low-income students:

  1. Know the low-income students at your institution.
  2. Provide supports to help low-income students overcome practical barriers.
  3. Leverage external partnerships for service delivery.
  4. Empower low-income students to use available resources.
  5. Review your internal processes.
  6. Implement effective practices to strengthen the academic progression of all students.

How do you think your postsecondary institution(s) stack up?  Which strategies are they using now?  Which do you think would be the next strategy to include?

Cynthia Zafft

Postsecondary Completion Moderator