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"Blue Collar Aristocrats" Thrive in German Economy

Market Place, the radio and web presence which talks about issues of business and global economy, is currently running a series on the German model of apprenticeships.  The stories offer a perspective from the U.S. education system, and the economic realities affecting changes in our education system. 

The story, "Blue Collar Aristocrats"  Thrive in German Economy offers a snapshot of the apprencticeship model, which you can listen to, or read online. The following is an excerpt from the piece.

Germany’s tracking system divides children up at a young age, placing them on different paths; some students are selected for eight years of university prep school, others for six years leading to an apprenticeship instead of college.

The German apprenticeship system provides for a well-trained workforce, but also gives many young Germans a ticket to the middle class. Youth unemployment in Germany is currently 8 percent, half of what it is in the United States.


1.  Are there apprenticeship options available to your students? 

2.  If you have students who have participated in an apprenticeship, what has been their experience?

3.  What do you think are some challenges to getting more students involved in apprenticeships?  What would help to eliminate some of those     


I look forward to hearing from you!