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Brand New Financial Literacy PD Learning Plans

Hello everyone!

I am a recent graduate of the MA TESOL program at Portland State University and have been working with the LLTR (Literacy, Language, and Technology Research) Group for the past two years developing professional development content in Learner Web. For my MA project, I developed Learner Web learning plans designed for teachers and tutors to scaffold the teaching of financial literacy to adult ESL learners. The resources found in this community of practice helped me immensely when putting these together, so I would like to share the plans with you! They can be adapted for non-ESL adult learners as well. I hope you find them useful. They are still in the beta/piloting stage, and I am hoping to design a version specifically for learners to use as well. 

The plans can be found at You can create your own account and get started! The Introduction must be completed before the other content is unlocked. Enjoy!