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Bring i-Pathways to your program for a Free Pilot

The i-Pathways project ( has what you need for classroom supplement, hybrid, or at-a-distance GED(r) Test Prep instruction. If you have considered implementing distance-learning or online learning at your program, but want an opportunity to pilot a nationally recognized curriculum, WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!


Between Oct. 15, 2012 at 2PM CST and 11AM CST on Oct. 23, 2012 the i-Pathways Project will be giving away 5 FREE, 5 Month small program partnerships.


What is a small program partnership?

  • 10 reusable student seat slots
  • 1 instructor and 1 administrator/coordinator trained in navigating the system and implementing online learning.
  • On-going support and PD

How do you register for the giveaway?

  • Any instructor or administrator interested should email Crystal Hack, i-Pathways Project Director, at Please include the following info in your email:
    • Subject line of email should be Register Me Please 
    • Your Program’s Name and address
    • Your Name
    • Your Position (i.e., Program Director, Program Coordinator, Instructor)
    • A phone number
    • A short paragraph regarding why you are interested in using i-Pathways at your program

NOTE: Instructors, you must consult with your admin before registering.


How will the winners be selected?


All those who email the above info to between 2PMM CST on 10/15/12 and 11AM CST on 10/23/12 will be entered. It will be a random drawing. The i-Pathways team will video the drawing that will take place on the afternoon of 10/23/12. The video will be posted on our blog late in the day on 10/23 OR on 10/24. Winners will be announced through the video and the accompanying blog post.


Crystal will respond to your questions via email. However, your registration email must be time stamped no later than 11AM on 10/23. No exceptions.