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Bringing technology into facilities

I invite you to check out this brief resource: LINCS for Correctional and Reentry Education Instructors. I am very interested in learning how (and if) you are bringing technology driven resources into your classroom. The flier highlights three emerging approaches to Internet access and they include isolated local servers, point-to-point secure lines, and restricted internet connections.

What successes are you finding with Internet access? What difficulties? Are you finding decision makers more hesitant to using one of these methods? I'd love to learn more about your experiences.

Kathy Tracey



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As we explored Internet in corrections and reentry, I'd like to also discuss digital literacy acquisition. How do you prepare your students for a digital world when job applications, registration for social services, and education includes a knowledge of how to use a variety of digital technologies. 

Please review the case study in the link and I'd love to hear how you are integrating digital literacy in your corrections program. 

Kathy Tracey