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Building Instruction on Real World Situations for Adult Learners

Recently, several community of practice groups hosted discussions on the gig economy. The idea is that our economy is moving toward hiring individuals for short-term jobs, positions, or independent consulting. Linkedin is also supporting this new economic model. 

There are many benefits to the gig economy for our students, but along with this concept, there is also a slightly different variation, the Multi-Level Marketing business. This industry added $36 billion dollars to the economy in 2015 and had similar impact in 2016. 

I’d like to open a dialogue about the MLM industry. Specifically, as professional development providers, how do we help teachers use real world information like this example to create standards based instruction?  Would you include this topic to create and model a lesson? If so, how would you design it?  What do students need to know about MLM businesses? What resources would you include? 


Kathy Tracey