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Call for Session Proposals: Georgia’s 2018 Adult Education Fall Conference

Attention Potential Presenters,

Georgia’s Office of Adult Education is accepting proposals for its 2018 Adult Education Fall Conference. The conference will be held at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center and is scheduled to begin Tuesday, September 18 and end Thursday, September 20, 2018.

The University of Georgia provides support to the Conference Planning Committee by collecting and reviewing proposal submissions. Guidance is then provided in the selection process to help identify which proposals will best support the professional development needs of the state’s adult educators, program leaders, and staff. If you are interested in submitting a session proposal(s), please continue to read for details regarding the submission process and session expectations.

Sessions need to be designed to accommodate up to fifty participants and last two hours. Ideally, presenters will deliver their session twice during the conference and arrange their own travel.

The Office of Adult Education will provide the following to conference presenters:

  • A flat consultant fee of $1000.00 for a session delivered twice, or $500.00 for a session delivered once;
  • A reasonable travel stipend that adheres to State of Georgia Travel Regulations (, yet is customized for each presenter and designed so travel will not be a hardship for anyone selected to present;
  • A session room equipped with a PC laptop, projector, and a flipchart with markers.

Please note, consultant fees cannot be awarded to state of Georgia Adult Education grantees or to publishers who are scheduled to present.

In addition to the above, the University of Georgia will coordinate with presenters to have materials copied and delivered to the conference facility. This relieves the need for presenters to travel with their session handouts or arrange to have handouts shipped.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please do so using the address below. The deadline for submitting a proposal is Wednesday, June 20, 2018.


A notification will be sent to those who have submitted proposals that are accepted no later than Friday, July 13, 2018.  A communication also will be sent to any who are not selected to present.

Thank you for your interest!




UGA Adult Education Research, Development, and Evaluation Project

Dr. Kathleen P. deMarrais, Co-Director

Dr. Sheneka M. Williams, Co-Director for Professional Development

Dr. Melissa Freeman, Co-Director for Program Evaluation


Dr. Kristi Leonard, Technology Specialist

Dr. Kimberley D. McKinson, Program Administrator and Postdoctoral Researcher

Ms. Brigette Herron, Mr. Cedric Sanders, and Ms. Tiffany Aaron, Program & Research Specialists

706.542.4024 (fax)