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Career Pathways—Learn More about NYSED/CUNY CareerKits!!!!

Hi everyone!!!

CrowdED Learning is beyond excited to share our September 2019 Fantastic & Free Resource of the Month: the NYSED/CUNY CareerKits!! Even more exciting (and an honor) is we were lucky enough to have Ellen Baxt—lead curriculum writer for the project—be our guest blogger for this post. 

The CareerKits have been mentioned a number of times in posts throughout various LINCS communities as being an incredibly helpful resource for integrating career pathways across 11 different industries into instruction. In Ellen's blogpost, she provides a great amount of detail about what's included in each kit, how various activities integrate literacy, numeracy, and digital skills, and some basic strategies for implementation. 

Please check out her post and learn more about this amazingly helpful and much-needed resource :)

Image showing the 11 industries for which their are career kits.