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Career Pathways Programming for Lower-Skilled Adults and Immigrants

Want to learn how three major cities (Houston, Miami, and Chicago) better served the needs of career pathways (CP) learners in their communities through related research and practices?

Join the LINCS Community Career Pathways Group today, January 29, and participate in an asynchronous interview and discussion on Career Pathways Programming for Lower-Skilled Adults and Immigrants: A Comparative Analysis of Adult Education Providers in High-Need Cities.

LINCS Community Career Pathways Moderator Mike Cruse will interview and host a follow-up discussion with the executive director for the Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition and two of the study’s co-investigators. Together the panel will unpack their research results and explore the guiding research questions the survey was designed to answer:

CLICK HERE for the complete announcement and join the dialogue starting today!  Leecy