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In case you missed it ...

Hello colleagues, Here are some interesting recent discussions you may have missed!

Teaching Other vs. Another

  • If you’d like some good suggestions on how to teach the difference between other and another, check out this discussion.
  • What grammar points do you have questions about? LINCS is a great place to get ideas and suggestions from colleagues all across the US!

Assessing Math in ESL

  • A colleague asked a good question about assessing English learners in math.
  • If you have suggestions to offer, please contribute to this important discussion.

What are some effective ways to expand learners’ conversations?

  • Check out this discussion to find links to several online resources including a link to a “Listening and Speaking Instructional Support Kit” that features 23 activity ideas including for expanding learners’ conversations.
  • Thanks to our colleague Andrea Echelberger for sharing this resource!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP