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CCRS in-Action-Early Holiday Gift

Our LINCS Resource Collection has gifted us all Professional Development Units for CCR Standards in ELA/Literacy to assist us in implementing college and career readiness (CCR) standards. Included are 14 PD units: seven in English language arts and literacy (ELA/literacy) and seven in mathematics.

The beginning-level units introduce you to the key instructional advances that identify the most significant aspects of CCR standards for adult education. The advanced-level units build on and extend the learning. These trainings delve into the instructional implications of level-specific standards to shape the approach instructors and program leaders take to implement standards.Each ready-to-use PD unit includes a facilitator guide, an annotated PowerPoint presentation, and the remaining workshop materials. 

The Advanced ESL/Literacy Unit 3 is a Resource Pac for more advanced students, whom we haven't often addressed in this CoP. Two short videos deal with helping students identify real evidence (pro and con) as opposed to claims or opinions. The Resource Pak includes ready-made materials that support this topic. I thought the videos showed two good instructors getting adults very involved in a difficult but important type of critical thinking around a challenging topic. What do you think?

Question 1:Will you participate in a discussion early next year led by a CCRS ELA/Literacy expert on how to use the standards for instruction? Please respond to the Poll that I have just posted on that topic. If you have other suggestions for topics, please add them to the response area of the poll. Thanks in advance!
Question 2: How do you help students stick to evidence in arguing points in their writing or simply evaluating the validity or written statements? ( If it's written, it's true...)