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Check out the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections' Career Pathways Podcast

Pennsylvania Secretary of Corrections John E. Wetzel recently hosted the podcast “Bustin' Walls.” Produced by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC), the podcast “breaks through the walls and fences of … state facilities to provide listeners with a real look inside the field of corrections with one of the top DOCs in the nation.”  

This episode featured an interview with DOC's career pathways program manager Dorenda Hamarlund, where she highlighted her work to implement a career pathways framework in the state’s prisons. The program is part of a three-year, $1 million Improved Reentry Education grant that the DOC received from the U.S. Department of Education.

Providers of reentry education services are encouraged to visit DOC’s website to learn more about its work, and to stay current with the information it provides through blogs and podcasts.

Have a listen and share your thoughts on Ms. Hamarlund's work in implementing career pathways in Pennsylvania’s prisons.  What questions do you still have for her?  Ask them here, and we'll get the answers from Ms. Hamarlund for you!

Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator