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Check out these interesting topics

Hello colleagues, In case you missed some of our discussions this summer, you may want to check out the following recent, interesting threads in our CoP.

Work-Related Curriculum for English Learners

  • Our colleagues in Maryland have developed a curricular resource especially designed to introduce intermediate level English learners to the skills expected and the language needed to provide good customer service. The resource includes a teacher's guide and student handouts, featuring authentic workplace materials. As noted by the LINCS reviewer, "Teachers who are looking to incorporate work-based education activities into their curriculum and lessons will find a wealth of content and creative ideas."

    • How are you currently integrated work-based content in your teaching?
    • What components of this curriculum would meet the needs of the English learners you are working with?

Teaching the Passive Voice

  • Check out the suggestions for teaching the passive voice in this thread.

    • How do you approach teaching the passive voice?
    • Please share your ideas and resources for effective strategies for teaching this component of grammar.

Do you use dictation? How about dictogloss?

  • Dictation is often a favorite classroom activity. Visit this thread to read about some innovative ways to use dictation and to find out about dictogloss.

    • Tell us how you have used dictation.
    • Have you or might you implement dictogloss in your teaching? Tell us about your experience as well as any tips you have for us.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP