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Check out these interesting topics

Hello colleagues, In case you missed some of our discussions this summer, you may want to check out the following recent, interesting threads in our CoP.

Comprehending Academic Text

  • One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is finding ways to support learners to access academic text. We know that spoon-feeding by teachers is not going to help learners develop the skills they need! Check out this thread which features a Teaching Channel video demonstrating how to scaffold academic text to make it accessible to learners.

    • What do you see as the potential of the approach modeled in this video? Would this work in your context?
    • What strategies do you use to scaffold academic text for learners?

Thinking Routines to Support Observation, Analysis and Questioning

  • Check out this thread to discover some pretty amazing tools on the Project Zero website that teachers can draw upon to support learners to think critically.

    • How can we support learners to observe critically, to analyze effectively, and to ask pertinent questions?
    • Let us know which of the thinking routines you might like to implement.

The Six-Word Memoir

  • The six-word memoir was suggested as a way to get acquainted on the first day of class, but—of course-- this writing activity can be done any time. Visit this thread to read some members’ six-word memoirs. You are welcome to contribute your own!

    • How might you structure such an activity in your classroom?

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP