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Children's songs

I have beginning Family Literacy students who would like to learn some children’s songs.  I want to teach them children’s songs that are also helpful for their English – so I don’t really want to use songs w/nonsense words, obscure words (like in nursery rhymes), or words that aren’t really necessary for adults (animals and their sounds). So far we’ve done “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Brush Your Teeth”, by Raffi.   I’ve tried googling to find websites, lists, books, or booklets/packets, and haven’t had any luck.  I’d rather not re-invent the wheel if I don’t have to.  Does anyone out there know of any resources, or have any advice?


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My favorite two children's singers are Raffi and Laurie Berkner.

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One hundred

Pete Seeger has recorded many fine children's songs, mostly in English and from a wide range of cultures.  Abiyoyo, Foolish Frog, , the Erie Canal, Put your Finger in the Air, the Grey Goose, Frog Went A Courting, and I Know and Old Lady (who swallowed a fly) are some examples but you can find albums (and individual cuts from albums) of his children's songs on iTunes.

David J. Rosen

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In addition to children's songs, my students always love Jazz Chants. To see a video of Carolyn Graham explaining and modeling, go to

I've used them very successfully with adults.

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Loved your link! I plan to begin using this technique immediately.  Thanks for sharing.

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There's a nice Montessori song I found online which practices the months to the tune of one little, two little... etc. Easy tune and very useful words for kids and adults. There's also one for days of the weeks to the old Addams family theme...that's harder to sing (for me at least). I use the months song with my adult literacy students.

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Love the month song with my adults.  In addition, we do the macharena with it!  Lots of laughter and another way to remember -- as a bonus, I was able to learn the macharena!