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Chromebook vs. Tablets



Does anyone have experience with class sets of Chromebooks or tablets? How did it go? What apps are teachers using? What issues are you running into? 

I'm primarily concerned with breakage. I know how many miles we get out of a desktop. No idea on a Chromebook or tablet (we're thinking Nexus or Fire).

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I have not had the chance to try the Chromebooks, but 0 to internet in 7 seconds is pretty sexy. Looking at their construction they seem to be made like a laptop, so I would expect them to have the same lifespan. Last I investigated Chromebooks were being made by Toshiba and Acer, both companies had high durability when I investigated, but I am unsure of either now.

As for tablets I did do experiments with a Samsung Galaxy. Thorn Hill Education Center tried 5 with students for 2 weeks. The Galaxy Tabs were able to fit in students backpockets, so they were smaller than iPads. The devices had 3G access and I was surprised at how students used them both in and out of the classroom (yep, I let students take them home).  From the project I saw the need for tablets in the classroom along with traditional laptops and desktops.

I did not want to pay for 3G service, at the time the only device that I could choose to do that on was the iPad. Thorn Hill now incorporates Laptops, Desktops and iPads into its classes. As a full time instructor, the assistant director, IT person, etc. I found the investment in iPads to be worth it because of their standardization. I would recommend you talk to vendors about loaning you devices so you can try them out before you buy.

I'm interested in your thoughts on the Chromebooks, please keep us in the loop!

Good luck :)

Barry Burkett,

Frankfort, KY