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COABE Campaigns Celebrating Adult Ed and Family Literacy Week

COABE is pleased to share that the following campaigns are underway to highlight Adult Ed and Family Literacy Week:
What is your key to success in adult education? Who has inspired you in your education journey? Is it your son or daughter? A parent? A teacher or mentor? Are you your own key to success? Post a picture or video of you with your “key to success” to COABE’s Facebook page now through September 26. Join us in celebrating your journey and those who encourage or inspire you along the way.

COABE will feature all submissions on the COABE website this fall, and at the 2016 COABE Conference in Dallas, Texas this spring. Anyone who has attended adult education classes or who works in the field of adult education can participate. One free COABE Conference Registration will be awarded via a random drawing of submissions. Twenty others will receive a free phone charger. Let’s celebrate those who inspire us and see how many “keys” we can find!

-ABC's of Investing in Adult Education- in 140 Characters or Less!
With thanks to Tom Sticht, COABE is publishing tweets Mr. Sticht has prepared using his well-known ABC’s of Investing in Adult Education. Tweet one-per-day starting September 1st-26th to help raise awareness of adult literacy. Click here for a list of tweets.
We have provided a number of additional resources for the field, including cross linking to our partner's World Ed and NCL on our Adult Ed and Family Literacy page (more details here).