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COABE PreConference: March 31, 2019

I thought that subscribers may be interested in the following COABE pre-conference session my colleagues and I will be conducting on March 31st:

Do you have learners in your classroom who have challenges improving their reading levels? Would you benefit from learning decoding and reading comprehension instructional strategies? If the answer is yes, and you teach adults who read from the 3rd to 7th grade levels, then this pre-conference session may be of interest to you. We will share instructional strategies that were taught in our federally-funded research study run in multiple adult learner classrooms. We will discuss the common types of mistakes adult learners at these reading levels often make, as well as ways to teach them foundational decoding, word reading, and comprehension skills. During this pre-conference session, you will have ample time to practice various instructional techniques. We will also share online materials available to you for use in your classroom for reading practice.

If interested, please go to: and register!

If you are interested in learning about our research, please go to: 

Daphne Greenberg

Georgia State University



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One hundred

Daphne, thanks for posting this information and invitation to a very promising session. It is a great contribution to our field. I know many will benefit and, of course, the topic relates to all who serve adults in our programs! Leecy